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Pipe Aid Patch Box
Pipe Aid Patch Box

Pipe Aid Patch Box

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The RSM PIPE AID local repair system in an ambient cure cured-in-place localised repair system which comprises of a two part silicate thermo setting resin and a glass fiber mat. The system is supplied with a summer (s) or winter (w) resin depending on the season

It is applicable to renovation of straight sections of drains and sewers with nominal diameters of 100mm, 150mm or 225mm up to 5m deep. It is applicable to repairs of lengths of 500mm or 1000mm in kit form or up to 1200mm in bulk.

  • Pipe Aid is a high performance no dig pipe solution.
  • Permanent and watertight
  • Meets requirements outlined in WRc’s ‘Drain Repair Book’
  • Cures in the presence of water
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Convenient kit format
  • Excellent bonding to virtually all pipe materials

Kit Contents - 

Protective Gloves

Two-part resin bag

Pre-measured fibreglass matt

Packer protection

Protective Groundsheet

Resin spreader

Plastic cable ties & wire ties

Information & installation manual