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K9-204 FlexShaft Machine 2" - 4"

K9-204 FlexShaft Machine 2" - 4"

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The K9-204 FlexShaft machine specializes in larger lines more commonly found on commercial jobs. The K9-204 can be used on 2"-4" pipe and includes 70' of 5/16" cable enclosed in the durable, nylon sheath.


  • Chain knockers expand for full pipe cleaning
  • FlexShaft machines let you keep your camera in-pipe while you work
  • Faster setup and cleanup, quick cleaning, and cordless convenience for additional time savings
  • A full range of chain knockers and accessories are available


Cable Length 70'
Cable Diameter 5/16"
Area of Application House drains & laterals
Type of Blockage Build ups, grease, & roots